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Connecting Youth to Opportunity
Job Application Session

Join us for a session to review current job openings available to middle school and high school students. Ask questions, and get support completing applications.





Next Meetup
Who is Aspire Growth Youth Connectwork?

About Us

Aspire Growth Youth Connectwork (AGYC) supports Washington State, King County BIPOC youth in middle school & high school in building community, getting access to needed services, and moving towards greater autonomy. AGYC takes a holistic approach in connecting youth to employment, education, enrichment, and social/emotional support while creating a welcoming environment that is culturally inclusive for youth of color. For the past 8 years, founder Ty Edwards has been a prolific founder of award-winning programs supporting underrepresented populations with experience working within diverse communities, serving BIPOC youth, project management, and team leadership. 


With youth-led visionaries leading the way, the AGYC leadership unit has been a proponent to ensure that providing access and equity remains the focal point of programming decisions that support initiatives to engage, equip and empower youth to graduate high school with essential skill sets and tools to aspiring greatness. 


AGYC staff work with youth to develop and fulfill personal short- and long-term goal-setting plans and provide system navigation support to youth and families. Our organization tracks students' success relative to goals listed in development plans and collaborates closely with families, community partners, local youth program staff, and community stakeholders to build unified support through the community. 



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